Prof. Dr. Şakir TAŞDEMİR


Prof. Dr. Şakir TAŞDEMİR was born in Sinop in 1971. After completing his secondary education in Sinop, he completed his undergraduate education at Gazi University in 1994, and his master’s and doctorate education at Selçuk University Institute of Science and Technology. In 2013, he passed the Associate Professorship exam and received the title of Associate Professor in the field of Computer-Information Sciences and Engineering. He has worked in different institutions affiliated with the Ministry of Education and held various administrative positions such as Director, Chief of Department, and Head of Department in different units at the University. He holds membership for several commissions and boards in Higher Education Institutions. He continues his research in various scientific fields, particularly Artificial Intelligence, Image Processing, Mobile Programming, Fuzzy Logic, and Virtual/Augmented Reality. Regarding these topics,  he also has more than 80 articles in national/international journals, more than 100 national/international presentations, more than 10 books/book chapters, more than 1000 citations, patent, projects-awards particularly from TUBITAK, memberships in scientific organizations, editorships and publications in scientific journals. He has supervised 11 MSc and 5 PhD students so far.

Prof. Dr. Şakir TAŞDEMİR started his duty as the Rector of Sinop University on 07 August 2023.

Prof. Dr. Şakir TAŞDEMİR is married with two children.